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MindManager for Sharepoint; First thoughts

Mindjet have just announced a new product; MindManager for SharePoint. I’ve downloaded the trial and set it up with a SharePoint site associated with a hosted Exchange account I run

This gives me an ideal opportunity to investigate how I can effectively integrate my exchange account (not my main domain for e-mail etc.), SharePoint and all the other tools I currently use. I need to investigate the ability to export a SharePoint map to HTML to use as my dashboard.

I’m going to write a full review of MindManager for SharePoint (and probably a quick ‘HOW-TO’ on how I’ve integrated all my accounts!) once I’ve had a chance to play and understand the full features, but in short I’m loving what the product can do with SharePoint and very excited by the potential of the product.

The biggest issue for me is the fact that the cost to upgrade my copy of MM7 to MM8 for SharePoint is double the cost of the standard MM8. I appreciate in a corporate environment that makes full use of SharePoint this is not unreasonable, but as a (currently unemployed) hobbyist who wants to ‘tinker’ it’s beyond me, thank heavens for 30 day trials!

Mindjet – My dashboard

I love Mindjet MindManager! I use it for all sorts of planning, brain dumps etc. The visual nature of the application suits the way I think and work
I also use it as my dashboard, linking to OneNote pages, files and Jello Dashboard.

Mindjet supports exporting to HTML, I then use Prism to create an app from the page. A shortcut in my startup folder means that my dashboard is there straight away.

Screenshot of my dashboard

Screenshot of my dashboard

The dashboard evolves as I have “the next great idea”, but it only takes a few minutes to add or change sections of the map. In the previous post I detailed the two OneNote templates I use. You can see the links to the sections on the dashboard. I also have links to the folders I store files in. I did have links to webpages I use, but abandoned the idea when i realised they were always open in my browser anyway!

The next post will look at Jello and a few other applications that I use on a day to day basis to manage my tasks.

Workflow Tools

I thought I’d start with an overview of the tools I use in my personal workflow. I’ll follow this up with a series of detailed posts looking at the tools and how I use them.
Without further ado the tools I use are;

Evernote, Mindmanager and PI are used for capture of information, OneNotev for storing information. Jello acts as an Outlook front endfor task management. Dropbox allows me to sync files to allow access from diferent PCs.

More info in the detailed posts; coming soon!