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Declaration of Location

One area of technology that holds great interest for me is location based services. It’s got social uses, but also a potential to great applications that will benefit society in many ways (distress signals, disaster management etc.) It’s a hot topic right now and here are more and more applications being announced every day. It’s gaining credability within businesses, yesterday Starbucks announced they were investigating using Foursquare to track regular customers and reward them.

The guys at TheNextWeb have just announced a new channel dedicated to location. They’ve just released their declaration of location which made me smile, but raises interesting points about the balance of benefits with privacy and safety.

[For reference the original text can be found here.]

Workflow Tools

I thought I’d start with an overview of the tools I use in my personal workflow. I’ll follow this up with a series of detailed posts looking at the tools and how I use them.
Without further ado the tools I use are;

Evernote, Mindmanager and PI are used for capture of information, OneNotev for storing information. Jello acts as an Outlook front endfor task management. Dropbox allows me to sync files to allow access from diferent PCs.

More info in the detailed posts; coming soon!


Last week an innovative new mobile service was announced – Giff Gaff. Owned and operated by O2, this is not just another virtual operator, it has a new business model, that could change the mobile landscape. GiffGaff is Scottish slang for “you give to me, I give to you” or “mutual giving” the concept is that by helping the company you can earn top up credits. Full details have yet to be announced, but the idea of providing support in forums to earn credit is interesting, but how long before users are posting for the sake of it to earn status, or possibly worse, giving the wrong information to innocent users.

I’ll watch this with interest!