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SHOCK! HORROR! Apple leak information

The Apple Blog ( have a piece confirming that Apple deliberatly leak information ahead of announcements to boost the hype around a launch.

I’m amazed that this is considered news, this practice has been around for years, favoured individuals will get access to information or devices prior to launch for many reasons. Companies of all sizes need to ensure maximum coverage of new products or services at launch to drive revenue. Although companies the size of Apple have bloggers dedicated to digging out rumours, many resorting to fake renderings ad the like in the absence of real news, it doesn’t do any harm to steer people in the right direction.

Of course there is a flip side to this, nobody who has heard the rumours of the islate (and iPhone 4G) will consider buying one of the current products until they’ve heard the announcement on the 26th January.


Last week an innovative new mobile service was announced – Giff Gaff. Owned and operated by O2, this is not just another virtual operator, it has a new business model, that could change the mobile landscape. GiffGaff is Scottish slang for “you give to me, I give to you” or “mutual giving” the concept is that by helping the company you can earn top up credits. Full details have yet to be announced, but the idea of providing support in forums to earn credit is interesting, but how long before users are posting for the sake of it to earn status, or possibly worse, giving the wrong information to innocent users.

I’ll watch this with interest!