OneNote and its place in my GTD implementation

I’ve been a fan of OneNote for a long time and it made sense to me to use it as part of my organisation set-up. I discovered this excelent write up and my Notebook is very similar! I’d suggest reading the post as it’s a great introduction to GTD and how OneNote is an ideal tool. I’m not going to reproduce the post here!

Another template I found very useful when setting up ,brain dumping and assessing my goals is here, and I link to sections from my dashboard MindMap (detailed in the next post in this series). I use the daily plan pages, just copying the relvant day to the “today” page every morning after I’ve archived the previous days.
I manage tasks through Outlook, so I don’t use all the sections Dean has created, but do make use to the high level planning and review sections.

I store the OneNote files in my Dropbox folder, so I can access them from any of my PCs. OneNote Mobile is on my phone, So I can copy any relvant pages (Shopping lists etc!) to my phone.

One thing I love about OneNote is the ability to print e-mails to it ad then search them. I print all order confirmation e-mails, (along with anything else that has a reference number!) to a section of the reference tab. Now when I want to chase an order or re-install Pocket Informant, all I have to do is search, and I have all the info I desire.

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