Hello World

After a long period of inactivity I’m waking this blog up again!


Been away for a long time, but I’m still here and about to embark on a new adventure; Santa gave me a Raspberry Pi, hope to start posting some details of my adventures in programming land soon!

Testing iPhone app

Just a quick test post from the IPod WordPress app!

Random tasks in Outlook

Found this way of picking a random task from Outlook. You do need to have FailBllog in you RSS feeds to get the full “benefit” of not completing the task you’ve been set. Whilst it cannot pick from the most important tasks in your list, it can be a good way to get through some of the tasks you’ve been putting off!


Jello 5.1 under development

Just heard some good news, Nicolas has managed to get some keyboard time, and resumed development of Jello Dashboard. Hes already posted an alpha version. Check here for more info.