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Random tasks in Outlook

Found this way of picking a random task from Outlook. You do need to have FailBllog in you RSS feeds to get the full “benefit” of not completing the task you’ve been set. Whilst it cannot pick from the most important tasks in your list, it can be a good way to get through some of the tasks you’ve been putting off!


Jello 5.1 under development

Just heard some good news, Nicolas has managed to get some keyboard time, and resumed development of Jello Dashboard. Hes already posted an alpha version. Check here for more info.

MindManager for Sharepoint; First thoughts

Mindjet have just announced a new product; MindManager for SharePoint. I’ve downloaded the trial and set it up with a SharePoint site associated with a hosted Exchange account I run

This gives me an ideal opportunity to investigate how I can effectively integrate my exchange account (not my main domain for e-mail etc.), SharePoint and all the other tools I currently use. I need to investigate the ability to export a SharePoint map to HTML to use as my dashboard.

I’m going to write a full review of MindManager for SharePoint (and probably a quick ‘HOW-TO’ on how I’ve integrated all my accounts!) once I’ve had a chance to play and understand the full features, but in short I’m loving what the product can do with SharePoint and very excited by the potential of the product.

The biggest issue for me is the fact that the cost to upgrade my copy of MM7 to MM8 for SharePoint is double the cost of the standard MM8. I appreciate in a corporate environment that makes full use of SharePoint this is not unreasonable, but as a (currently unemployed) hobbyist who wants to ‘tinker’ it’s beyond me, thank heavens for 30 day trials!

Storing bookmarks

Following on from the post about storing lists, I was readinga piece by David Pierce on his site; digitizd. He covers an area that I need to devote some time sorting out, bookmarks.

Currently I use the Read it later addin for Firefox to store links and xmarks BYOS to sync them between my computers. Because I also sync passwords, I store these on my own server, rather than on the xmarks server.

The problem is that I manage to miss these out of my reviews, largely because I haven’t worked out how to store the ones I want to keep long term. I’ve been thinking about storing article of interest in OneNote, in this way the content is searchable and the original link is retained so I can go back to the site for updates.

I will ponder on this and report back as and when I find a system that works for me. any suggestions are most welcome!

Useful lists and where to store them

A short post as I try and get back into the way of posting here after an unavoidable pause following the death on my father (1 month ago today, R.I.P Dad)

I was reading a post by David Allen on lists and it got me thinking about how I store information within my system, as well as info I don’t have but should do!
Looking at the ideas from David, I’ve started a list of part numbers / item codes in Evernote, along with photos of some items that are difficult to describe (Try expalining that you want a nut to retain a lightshade on a GU9 fitting when you don’t know it’s a GU9 fitting!) Account details etc. live within e-wallet on my phone, netbook and desktop. I use OneNote for what I call ‘bluesky’ lists – holiday ideas, ‘i’ve thought of this now what?’ lists; the sort of things I want to keep handy but will tend to view at review times on my PC rather than when I’m out and about.
I’m not sure you can put make lists on a to-do list but a OneNote section of keyboard shortcuts and common registry hacks seems like a great idea, along with ‘stuff I’ve lent to people and really ought to get back one day’

Where do you keep your lists?