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OneNote and its place in my GTD implementation

I’ve been a fan of OneNote for a long time and it made sense to me to use it as part of my organisation set-up. I discovered this excelent write up and my Notebook is very similar! I’d suggest reading the post as it’s a great introduction to GTD and how OneNote is an ideal tool. I’m not going to reproduce the post here!

Another template I found very useful when setting up ,brain dumping and assessing my goals is here, and I link to sections from my dashboard MindMap (detailed in the next post in this series). I use the daily plan pages, just copying the relvant day to the “today” page every morning after I’ve archived the previous days.
I manage tasks through Outlook, so I don’t use all the sections Dean has created, but do make use to the high level planning and review sections.

I store the OneNote files in my Dropbox folder, so I can access them from any of my PCs. OneNote Mobile is on my phone, So I can copy any relvant pages (Shopping lists etc!) to my phone.

One thing I love about OneNote is the ability to print e-mails to it ad then search them. I print all order confirmation e-mails, (along with anything else that has a reference number!) to a section of the reference tab. Now when I want to chase an order or re-install Pocket Informant, all I have to do is search, and I have all the info I desire.

Workflow Tools

I thought I’d start with an overview of the tools I use in my personal workflow. I’ll follow this up with a series of detailed posts looking at the tools and how I use them.
Without further ado the tools I use are;

Evernote, Mindmanager and PI are used for capture of information, OneNotev for storing information. Jello acts as an Outlook front endfor task management. Dropbox allows me to sync files to allow access from diferent PCs.

More info in the detailed posts; coming soon!

The only 23 point Sunday Checklist you’ll ever need!

A recent tweet from Simon May pointed me in the direction of a post from a blogger I had not seen before; Nicholas Bate. THere are many interesting posts there, but this one caught my eye, the only checklist you’ll ever need