17th January

Progress continues, Tidied up front page a little and started occasional blog postings, just playing ATM, content will improve over time!

10th January

Start of the website refresh. Many links won't work yet, more pages coming online all

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PostHeaderIcon Gordon Wheeler

4 people meetingI'm a 40 something part time geek, part time photographer with a passion for the benefits that technology can bring to people and their lives. I'm especially interested in mobile devices and location aware applications. This site will tell you more about me, and what I'm interested in.
Mobile Devices

  • UMPCs
  • Tablet Computing
  • GPS
  • Mobile OS

  • I have an interest in all manner of portable devices, I've used handheld devices since the Psion 3 Series, I'm an avid fan of the tablet PC concept, using one since 2004

  • Web2.0
  • Semantic web
  • Microblogging
  • Ambient computing
  • Impact of social networking

  • The way we interact with each other is changing rapidly, sometimes for the better, but sometimes with negative effects.

  • GTD
  • Productivity tools and methodolgies
  • OneNote
  • Mindmapping

  • I'm particularly interested in the benefits technology can bring to efficiency, reducing stress, costs and impact on the environment.

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